Poker Table Plans

Here are the first version of the plans for building the portable poker table. These plans are not yet complete, as I'm still working on the cupholder detail, the cleat detail, and the underside detail. But this should get the curious among you started; here are the plans for the base layer, the racetrack layer, the top layer/outer legs (I use a 3-part rail and 2-part legs), the insert layer/inner legs, the cleat detail, and a leg assembly detail sheet. As planned, this table requires 4 sheets of plywood: two 4'x8' hardwood plywood sheets at 3/4" thick and two 4'x8' sheeting-grade plywood sheets 1/2" thick.

The plans were created in DeltaCAD (demo version) and are published here in Adobe Acrobat format for your printing and viewing pleasure. You will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view and print the files; you can download it here if you don't have a copy already.

Please note that these plans are being shared with you subject to the terms and conditions found on my legal mumbo-jumbo page. You are authorized to view and print these files, but not to re-publish them -- in any form -- and you most certainly may not take them and attempt to sell them. I'll be doing that myself :)  There seems to be a market for these plans out in the world for folks who want to build a table like this but who don't want to design a table. After designing this table, I can certainly appreciate the value of having someone else break the ice.

Those of us who are members of Scott Keen's poker table forum have seen the photos and plans of other members stolen by unscruplulous b@stards who then try to re-sell those photos and plans on eBay. I'm hoping that the watermark on the plans -- only visible when printed, not on-screen -- will prevent that same piracy here. So if you print out the plans, you'll see the watermark, but it's very faint, so it shouldn't hinder your use of the plans for building a table. If it bothers you, please contact me and we can discuss other solutions. If you've bought a set of my plans from somebody other than me, you got ripped off by your seller and you should report that seller to the appropriate authorities. That's wrong -- please contact me and I'll be glad to help you in any way I can. 

Since you're getting these plans for free, however, I ask only one favor. Well, two. First, if you find any errors or inconsistencies in the plans, please email me about it at so that I can correct it in a future revision. Second, if you build a table using these plans, please let me know about it and send a picture (or pictures) and I'll include it in my photo gallery.

Ok, enough talking. Here's the plans already!

Base Layer

Racetrack Layer

Top Layer & Outer Legs

Insert & Inner Legs

Cleat Detail

Leg Assembly Detail